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 * BSD Telephony Of Mexico "Tormenta" Tone Zone Support 2/22/01
 * Working with the "Tormenta ISA" Card 
 * Copyright (C) 2001-2008, Digium, Inc.
 * Primary Author: Mark Spencer <markster@digium.com>

 * See http://www.asterisk.org for more information about
 * the Asterisk project. Please do not directly contact
 * any of the maintainers of this project for assistance;
 * the project provides a web site, mailing lists and IRC
 * channels for your use.
 * This program is free software, distributed under the terms of
 * the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 as published
 * by the Free Software Foundation. See the LICENSE.LGPL file
 * included with this program for more details.
 * In addition, when this program is distributed with Asterisk in
 * any form that would qualify as a 'combined work' or as a
 * 'derivative work' (but not mere aggregation), you can redistribute
 * and/or modify the combination under the terms of the license
 * provided with that copy of Asterisk, instead of the license
 * terms granted here.

#ifndef _TONEZONE_H
#define _TONEZONE_H

#include <dahdi/user.h>

00037 struct tone_zone_sound {
      int toneid;
      char data[256];                     /* Actual zone description */
      /* Description is a series of tones of the format:
         [!]freq1[+freq2][/time] separated by commas.  There
         are no spaces.  The sequence is repeated back to the 
         first tone description not preceeded by !.  time is
         specified in milliseconds */

00047 struct tone_zone {
      int zone;                     /* Zone number */
      char country[10];             /* Country code */
      char description[40];               /* Description */
      int ringcadence[DAHDI_MAX_CADENCE]; /* Ring cadence */
      struct tone_zone_sound tones[DAHDI_TONE_MAX];
      int dtmf_high_level;                /* Power level of high frequency component
                                       of DTMF, expressed in dBm0. */
      int dtmf_low_level;                 /* Power level of low frequency component
                                       of DTMF, expressed in dBm0. */
      int mfr1_level;                     /* Power level of MFR1, expressed in dBm0. */
      int mfr2_level;                     /* Power level of MFR2, expressed in dBm0. */

extern struct tone_zone builtin_zones[];

/* Register a given two-letter tone zone if we can */
int tone_zone_register(int fd, char *country);

/* Register a given two-letter tone zone if we can */
int tone_zone_register_zone(int fd, struct tone_zone *z);

/* Retrieve a raw tone zone structure */
struct tone_zone *tone_zone_find(char *country);

/* Retrieve a raw tone zone structure by id instead of country*/
struct tone_zone *tone_zone_find_by_num(int id);

/* Retrieve a string name for a given tone id */
char *tone_zone_tone_name(int id);

/* Set a given file descriptor into a given country -- USE THIS
   zone if necessary */
int tone_zone_set_zone(int fd, char *country);

/* Get the current tone zone */
int tone_zone_get_zone(int fd);

/* Play a given tone, loading tone zone automatically
   if necessary */
int tone_zone_play_tone(int fd, int toneid);


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